Chapter 26.08 Electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program

City Code Chapter

26.08.010 Program.

  1. The Bureau shall conduct an Electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program as identified in OAR 918-309-0100.  This program shall regulate repair, alteration or replacement of existing electrical products in qualified facilities and electrical installations which are part of a tenant remodel or construction within a covered facility involving a mechanical, plumbing or structural master permit.  Electrical product replacement includes installing a product in place of another that does not exceed the capacity or design of the existing electrical system.  The following types of facilities are allowed to be registered for the Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program:
  1. A.  Industrial producer or servicer;
  1. B.  School;
  1. C.  Hospital;
  1. D.  Sewer plant;
  1. E.  Water plant;
  1. F.  Commercial office building;
  1. G.  Buildings owned, leased, managed or operated by a state or local government entity;
  1. H.  Institution;
  1. I.  Any other category of facility designated by the State Electrical and Elevator Board.

26.08.020 Application Requirements.

  1. Applicants for registration in the Electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program shall be the owner, building operations manager or electrical contractor responsible for all electrical installations in the facility.  Each registration shall be limited to a single facility, which may be more than one building in a complex of buildings.  Applicants with multiple facility locations on non-contiguous lots shall obtain a registration for each facility.

26.08.030 Application Form.

  1. An application for a registration shall be made on the form furnished by the Bureau.  The applicant shall provide all information required in a complete and legible manner.  Registration fees shall be paid at the time of application.

26.08.040 License Requirements.

  1. Electrical work shall not be done beyond the scope of the license held.  Applicants with Limited Maintenance Electricians or Limited Building Maintenance Electricians on staff are not required to hold an Electrical Contractor’s License or to employ a Supervising Electrician for work within the scope of these limited license categories.  Before registration will be granted, applicants shall either:
  2. A.  Employ one or more persons possessing an Oregon Limited Maintenance Electrician’s License, a Limited Building Maintenance Electrician’s License, or other Oregon electrical license as allowed by the OAR; or,
  3. B.  Contract for electrical work with a licensed electrical contractor employing a signing supervising electrician.

26.08.050 No Separate Permit Required.

  1. When a facility is registered in the Electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program, no separate permit is required for repair, alteration or replacement of existing electrical products.  Any electrical work not covered by the Electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program requires the completion and submission of an electrical permit application to the Bureau prior to performing such work.  Any installation outside the scope of the Electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program shall be installed by appropriately licensed electricians and shall be inspected by the Bureau.

26.08.060 Registration Suspension and Termination.

  1. If any registrant refuses or neglects to comply with the requirements of this Title or a related regulation (all regulations pertaining to building construction, remodeling or alteration are related regulations) within 30 calendar days after the Bureau has sent the written correction notice, the Bureau may suspend or terminate the registration.  In addition, the penalty provided for in this Title may be enforced, and all work shall be corrected and made to comply with the requirements of this Title.  A new registration shall not be issued or suspension lifted until all violations cited have been corrected.

26.08.070 Appeal of Suspension or Termination Order.

  1. If the Bureau orders the suspension or termination of a Master Permit (Industrial Plant) registration, the registrant aggrieved may appeal, in writing, to the Electrical Board of Appeal within 15 calendar days after such order.  The registrant shall be given not less than 15 calendar days notice of the hearing.  The Board shall proceed to hear and determine the appeal.  Any suspension of a registration by the Electrical Board of Appeal may be on such conditions as the Board may order.  In all cases, decisions of the Board shall be final.