26.04.010 Permit Required.

City Code Section

A.  An electrical permit shall be obtained prior to commencing any work for which an electrical permit is required.

EXCEPTION: Emergency or unanticipated electrical work may be started under a temporary permit provided the nature of the work, and the procedure followed by the contractor, meet the requirements of ORS 479.550 and OAR 918-309-0080.

B.  Electrical permits are not required for the following electrical installations:

1.  Work performed under a valid electrical Master Permit (Industrial Plant) Program in accordance with OAR Chapter 918 and Chapter 26.08 of this Title;

2.  Work defined as a minor installation in OAR Chapter 918 for which a minor label has been obtained from the Bureau;

3.  Repair or replacement of light fixtures, light switches, lighting ballast, electrical outlets or smoke detectors in a building used for housing purposes that is owned, leased, managed or operated by a housing authority;

4.  Repair, alteration or replacement of existing electrical products at an industrial plant, a commercial office building, a building that is owned, leased, managed or operated by the state or a local government entity or other facilities designated by the Electrical and Elevator Board when the owner, operating manager or electrical contractor of the facility who meets the provisions of ORS 479.630(1) and (2) obtains a master permit for inspection under ORS 479.560(3).

5.  Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, or approved fuses, or connecting approved portable electrical equipment to permanently installed and properly wired receptacles;

6.  Experimental electrical work or testing of electrical products in testing laboratories of electric shops, educational institutions, industrial plans, or recognized testing laboratories;

7.  Installing heating, ventilating, air conditioning and/or refrigeration components exempted by OAR 918-261-0020, Exemption for HVAC/R Electrical Components.

8.  Any other work exempted from permit requirements under ORS and OAR.