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26.03.030 Conformity Required.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 187432, effective December 4, 2015.)  Any electrical equipment, product or material used or intended to be used under the scope this Title must be approved under ORS 479.  To be accepted by the Bureau, such equipment, product or material shall be installed, constructed, altered, renovated, repaired and maintained in compliance with the requirements of this Title.
Nothing in this Title is intended to permit the design, construction, installation, quality of materials, location, operation and maintenance of equipment which is not in accordance with any applicable sections of Title 24 (Building Regulations), Title 25 (Plumbing Regulations), Title 27 (Heating and Ventilating Regulations), Title 28 (Floating Structures) and Title 32 (Signs and Awnings) of the Code of the City of Portland.
Any portion of any installation, construction, alteration, renovation, or repair made in violation of this Title shall be removed or corrected to comply with the requirements of this Title.
Whenever there is insufficient evidence of compliance with any of the requirements of this Title or evidence that any equipment, product, material or construction does not conform to the requirements of this Title, the Director may require tests as proof of compliance.  All tests shall be made by an agency approved by the State of Oregon Electrical and Elevator Board as meeting the testing standard requirements for electrical safety as required by ORS 479.510 through 479.855 and Oregon Administrative Rules.  The tests shall be made at no expense to the City.  Test methods shall be as specified by the Electrical Code or by other recognized test standards.  If there are no recognized and accepted test methods for the proposed equipment, product, material, or construction, the Director shall determine test procedures.  Reports of such tests shall be retained by the Director for the period required for the retention of public records.

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