Chapter 25.04 Administrative Regulatory Provisions

City Code Chapter

25.04.010 Conformity Required.

(Amended by Ordinances 178578 and 187432, effective December 4, 2015.) 

  1.  Every plumbing system, rainwater harvesting system, water supply system, and sewage and drainage system coming within the jurisdiction of the City of Portland and covered by this Title and the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code shall be installed, constructed, altered, renovated, repaired, and maintained in a manner which shall meet the requirements of this Title and the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code.  No pipes or piping or parts of any plumbing system shall be cut into, disturbed, or moved unless it is done in conformity with the provisions of this Title and the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code.  No person shall place in use, or maintain a plumbing, rainwater harvesting system, water, sewage, or drainage system which has been installed, constructed, altered, renovated, or repaired in violation of the provisions of this Title or the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code.  Any portion of such an installation, construction, alteration, renovation, or repair made in violation of this Title or the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code shall be immediately removed and corrected to comply with provisions of this Title and upon notice from the Plumbing Inspector.

25.04.015 Stop Work Orders.

(Replaced by Ordinance 187432, effective December 4, 2015.)  

  1. When it is necessary to obtain compliance with this Title, the Director may issue a stop work order requiring that all work, except work directly related to elimination of the violation, be immediately and completely stopped.  If the Director issues a stop work order, activity subject to the order may not be resumed until such time as the Director gives specific approval in writing.  The stop work order will be in writing, except when an emergency condition exists, the Director may issue a stop work order orally, followed by a written stop work order.  All stop work orders will conform to the requirements of City Code Section 3.30.080.  Any person subject to a stop work order may seek review of the order by the Director and may appeal the Director’s determination in accordance with City Code Section 3.30.080.

25.04.020 Renewals and Repairs.

  1. Every existing plumbing and drainage system in any building shall be maintained in a sanitary condition.  When any such system becomes defective or unsanitary in whole or in part such portion as is proved defective and unsanitary shall be made in a manner to meet the requirements and provisions of this Title and the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code.

25.04.030 Plumbing Work To Be Regulated.

(Amended by Ordinance 168183, effective November 1, 1994.)  

  1. All plumbing work in or about buildings or on private property shall be performed under the direction of a plumbing contractor except:
  2. A.  Plumbing work performed by an owner;
  3. B.  Minor repair work performed by a maintenance man;
  4. C.  Sewer work performed by a sewer contractor.

25.04.040 Minor Plumbing Labels.

(Added by Ordinance 170811; amended by Ordinances 170929, 178578, 179125 and 187432, effective December 4, 2015.)

  1. A.  General.  ORS 455.155 gives the Department of Consumer and Business Services the authority to create a statewide permit and inspection system for minor construction work.  The Oregon Building Codes Division under the Department of Consumer and Business Services has created a mandatory statewide minor labels program. Implementation rules are found in Oregon Administrative Rules 918-100-0000 through 918-100-0060.  The Bureau, in accordance with OAR 918-100-0060, shall conduct inspections and issue necessary correction notices for minor plumbing labels issued pursuant to the statewide minor labels program.

25.04.050 Owner May Perform Plumbing Work.

(Amended by Ordinances 170576 and 188647, effective November 17, 2017.) 

  1. The Plumbing Inspector has authority to issue a permit for work regulated by this Title to a bona fide owner of a single-family residential structure.  In issuance of the permit, the Plumbing Inspector shall consider where:
  2. A.  The owner has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the work to be performed;
  3. B.  The owner will perform the work.
  4. C.  The single-family residential structure is occupied by the owner for dwelling purposes and is not being constructed or remodeled for resale or rent.
  5. D.  Such other factors as will aid the Plumbing Inspector may condition the issuance of the permit upon such conditions and factors as the Plumbing Inspector deems appropriate including, but not limited to, requiring an owner to post a bond to assure prompt and safe completion in compliance with the provision of the permit and this Title.  Said bond shall be in form approved by the City Attorney and shall provide for completion or correction of the work from the proceeds of the bond.
  6. Whenever an owner receives this privilege, the word “owner” shall be substituted for the word “plumber” on the plumbing permit application and permit.

25.04.060 Plumbing Work To Be Performed by Owner, Journeyman Plumber, or Indentured Apprentice.

(Amended by Ordinances 168183, 176955 and 191736, effective July 1, 2024.)

  1. All plumbing work shall be performed either by an owner or by a journeyman plumber holding a valid certificate of competency from the State of Oregon, or a registered and indentured apprentice.  All journeyman plumbers while engaged in plumbing work shall carry with them their Oregon State Certificate of Competency.  All apprentice plumbers shall carry with them their apprentice registration cards and shall produce same at the request of the Plumbing Inspector of the Portland Portland Permitting & Development.  It shall be the duty of the Plumbing Inspector of the Portland Permitting & Development to require the journeyman plumber and apprentice plumber to show their registration card. 
  2. In the event anyone is performing plumbing work in violation of the above regulations, a report relative to such person shall be sent by the Portland Permitting & Development Plumbing Section to the Oregon State Building Codes Division, Plumbing Division.

25.04.070 Certificate of Final Inspection.

(Amended by Ordinance 168183, effective November 1, 1994.)  

  1. Upon completion of the work covered by the plumbing permit, the person engaged to do such work shall notify the Plumbing Inspector of such completion.  As soon as possible after the receipt of such notice, final inspection shall be made by the Plumbing Inspector.  If corrections are required, the permittee shall be notified in writing, setting forth the nature of the violation or violations.  If a person, plumbing contractor, or sewer contractor is delinquent for more than 10 days in making corrections to plumbing after having been notified by the Plumbing Inspector, further permits to such person, plumbing contractor, or sewer contractor may be refused until the corrections have been made; and if the job is started in violation of this Section, the penalties imposed by this Title shall be enforced.  If it is found that the work complies in all respects with the requirements of this Title, a certificate in writing to that effect shall be issued on demand by the Plumbing Inspector.  No plumbing system shall be placed in service until its formal approval as evidenced by the certificate of final inspection shall have been made.  Provision shall be made to have access to the building and water turned on to all fixtures so that one inspection will cover all the work under plumbing permit.

25.04.080 Advertising or Display Signs.

  1. It is unlawful for any person to engage in, or carry on, or to represent and advertise himself as engaged in or carrying on the business of plumbing contractor, or sewer contractor in the City of Portland, or to use the words “plumbing contractor,” “sewer contractor,” or “plumber,” or “plumbing,” or expose a sign containing similar import for such purpose, implying that the advertiser is so engaged, unless such person has obtained a registration to engage in and carry on a business of plumbing contractor or sewer contractor in the City of Portland.

25.04.090 Mechanical Devices.

  1. It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to use, employ, or permit the insertion of any mechanical device in any sewer, branch sewer, soil drain, or waste line, for the purpose of cleaning or clearing out the same, unless the person, firm, or corporation is listed with the City of Portland to perform this work.  Exception ‑ a homeowner or qualified maintenance man may clean drains or sewers.