24.85.075 Egress Through Existing Buildings.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 178831, effective November 20, 2004.) The building structure and seismic resistance of an egress path through, under or over an existing building must meet the required seismic improvement standard specified in Section 24.85.040, Table 24.85-A, under any of the following conditions:

A. The egress path is from an adjacent new building or addition and the new building or addition area equals 1/3 or more of the existing building area; or,

B. The egress path is from an adjacent existing building that undergoes alterations or a change of occupancy requiring its egress path(s) meet the seismic improvement standards as required by this Chapter; or

C. The additional occupant load, as determined by the OSSC, using the egress path through the existing building is 150 people or more.