24.85.065 Seismic Strengthening of Unreinforced Masonry Bearing Wall Buildings.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 169427; amended by Ordinance Nos. 170997, 178831, 187192, 189201, 189399, 189479 and 189747, effective October 23, 2019.)  When any building alterations or repairs occur at an Unreinforced Masonry Bearing Wall Building, all seismic hazards shall be mitigated as set forth in Subsections 24.85.065 A. and B.  A previously permitted seismic strengthening scheme designed in accordance with FEMA 178/310/ASCE 31 may be submitted for consideration by the Bureau Director as equivalent to the ASCE 41 improvement standard.

A.  Roof Repair or Replacement.  When a roof covering is repaired or replaced, as defined in 24.85.020, the building structural roof system, anchorage, and parapets shall be repaired or rehabilitated such that, at a minimum, the wall anchorage for both in-plane and out-of-plane forces at the roof and parapet bracing conform to the ASCE 41-BPOE improvement standard.  In-plane brick shear tests are not required as part of the ASCE evaluation under this subsection.

B.  Additional Triggers.

1.  Building alterations or repair.  When the cost of alteration or repair work which requires a building permit in a 2-year period exceeds the following criteria, then the building shall be improved to resist seismic forces such that the entire building conforms to the ASCE 41-BPOE improvement standard.

Table 24.85-C

Building Description

Cost of Alteration or Repair

Single Story Building

$40 per square foot

Buildings Two Stories or Greater

$30 per square foot

2.  Special building hazards.  Where an Unreinforced Masonry Building of any size contains any of the following hazards, the building shall be seismically improved if the cost of alteration or repair exceeds $30 per square foot:

a.  The Building possesses an Occupancy Classification listed within the Relative Hazard Category 5 as determined in Section 24.85.040 of this Chapter; or

b.  The building is classified as possessing either vertical or plan irregularities as defined in the OSSC.

3.  Exclusions from cost calculations.  Costs for site improvements, eco-roofs, mandated FM41 agreements, mandated ADA improvements, mandated non-conforming upgrades under Title 33, mandated elevator improvements and mandated or voluntary seismic improvements or work exempted from permit as described in Chapter 1 of the OSSC will not be included in the dollar amounts listed in Subsections 24.85.065 B.1. and 2.

4.  Live/Work spaces in Unreinforced Masonry buildings.  See Section 24.85.040 B for requirements when a Unreinforced Masonry building is converted to contain live/work spaces.

5.  Automatic cost increase.  The dollar amounts listed in Subsections 24.85.065 B.1. and 2. shall be modified each year after 2004 by the percent change in the R.S. Means of Construction Cost Index for Portland, Oregon.  The revised dollar amounts will be made available at the Development Services Center.