24.75.020 Size and Location of Building Numbers.

City Code Section

All numbers placed in accordance with this Chapter shall be permanently affixed to a permanent structure and of sufficient size and so placed as to be distinctly legible from the public way providing primary access to the building. All numbers shall be posted as nearly as possible in a uniform place and positioned on the front of each building near the front entrance. Where outside illumination is provided, the numbers shall be placed so as to be illuminated by the outside light. In instances where building mounted numbers are not distinctly visible from a public way, a duplicate set of numbers shall be permanently affixed to a permanent structure at the primary entranceway to such property. If, in the judgment of the Director, the numbering, sequence, legibility, size or location does not meet the requirements as set forth above, the property owner or agent therefor shall be notified and within 30 days shall make such changes as required in the notification.