24.55.150 Definitions.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance 187017; amended by Ordinances 188802, 189012, 189078 ,190126 and 191736, effective July 1, 2024.)

  1. A.  Demolition.  Demolition means removal of all exterior walls above the foundation.
  2. B.  Major Residential Addition.  Major residential addition means adding more than 500 square feet of new interior space and expanding the structure’s footprint or envelope.  The new interior space does not include areas of existing space within the building envelope.
  3. C.  Major Residential Alteration.  Major residential alteration means removing 50 percent or more of the exterior walls above the foundation.
  4. D.  Recognized organization.  Recognized organization includes neighborhood coalitions and neighborhood associations recognized by the Portland Office of Community & Civic Life.
  5. E.  Demolition Manager.  Demolition manager means the person designated by the property owner or demolition permit applicant who will be responsible for implementing and overseeing the Demolition Plan and who will be the contact person for PP&D and other regulatory agencies regarding the Demolition Plan.  The Demolition Manager is a “responsible party” as defined in this Section 24.55.150.
  6. F.  Demolition Plan.  Demolition plan means the plan signed by the Demolition Manager that outlines the techniques and equipment that will be used during all demolition activities to ensure compliance with dust suppression as required, reviewed and approved by the Portland Permitting & Development.  (See also Administrative Rule Related to Chapter 24.55 – Demolitions.)
  7. G.  Mechanical demolition activities.  Mechanical demolition activities means pulling down any part of a structure using mechanical tools such as cranes, bulldozers, excavators, rams, or similar heavy machinery.  Mechanical demolition activities also includes mechanical loading and transfer of demolition materials.
  8. H.  Lead-based paint.  Lead-based paint means any paint or other surface coatings that contain lead equal to or exceeding 1.0 milligram per square centimeter, 0.5 percent by weight, or 5,000 parts per million (ppm).
  9. I.  Responsible party.  Responsible party means the property owner or any other person authorized to act on the owner’s behalf and any person causing or contributing to a violation of this Title.