Storm damage recovery

24.55.100 Demolition - Debris - Barricades - Nuisances.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 171455, 187017 and 189012, effective June 13, 2018.)  It is unlawful for any owner or persons in control of any such structure which is being demolished, or which has been damaged by fire, to leave any portion of the structure unsupported for more than 1 hour, if such section is liable to collapse or is in any way a danger to the public.  In no event shall a portion of the structure be left unsupported for more than 24 hours.  Suitable barricades shall be provided to prevent access to the vicinity of any unsupported section of the structure.  Any permanent structural supports provided as a result of application to this section shall be designed by a structural engineer registered to practice in the State of Oregon and hired by the applicant.  All such designs, calculations, drawings, and inspection reports shall be approved by the Director.

All combustible debris or material shall be removed from the premises on which the demolition is carried out within 30 days from the completion of the demolition, or from the stoppage of the work thereon if the work remains uncompleted.  All non‑combustible debris or material resulting from demolition shall be removed within 30 days after the completion of the demolition or stoppage thereof, unless the Director extends the time therefore because of weather, terrain, or other special circumstances, but such extension shall not exceed 3 months.  It is unlawful for any owner or person in possession of real property to permit the debris to remain on the property without disposal in excess of the periods mentioned above or of any specific extension thereof as set forth above.

Any of the above-mentioned things existing while there is a duty to remove or correct the same, shall constitute a public nuisance.  Any unsupported portions of a building or structure existing beyond the periods set forth above shall be subject to summary abatement by the City.  The abatement shall be in accordance with the procedure set forth in Title 29, Chapter 29.60, Administration and Enforcement.

All structures to be demolished shall be taken down in a safe manner.  The streets or sidewalks shall not be littered with rubbish and shall be wet down, if necessary.  During any demolition work, all receptacles, drop boxes, shafts, or piping used in such demolition work shall be covered in an appropriate manner.  After removal of any structure all foundations that are not to be used for new construction shall be removed and all excavations filled in compliance with Chapter 24.70 of this Title, to a level of the adjoining grade.  Plans shall be submitted for any new construction proposed, utilizing the remaining foundations.  Any remaining foundations approved for further use shall be barricaded by a fence no less than 6 feet high maintained until the new construction has progressed sufficiently to remove any hazards to the public.  Such period of time is not to exceed 30 days.  For regulations on the use of public streets and protection of pedestrians during demolition see Chapter 24.40 of this Title.