Storm damage recovery

24.50.020 General.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 182370, effective November 26, 2008.)

A. The provisions of this Chapter shall regulate development and construction in flood hazard areas identified in Section 24.50.030.

B.  Land classified in a flood hazard area may restrict or affect uses and development permitted in one or more of the regular zones listed in Chapter 33.16.  If an inconsistency exists between Chapter 24.50 and other titles of this Code, the more restrictive uses or requirements shall prevail.

C. A structure or the use of a structure or property which was lawful before the original date of this Chapter but which is not in conformity with the provisions of this Chapter may be continued subject to provisions of the State Building Code, regulations for existing structures.

D. The flood protection elevations and the floodway and floodway fringe areas specified by this Chapter, based on the 100‑year flood elevations, are considered reasonable.  Greater flood heights and more extensive floodway fringe areas associated with longer flood frequency occurrences may occur or the flood height and extent of flooding may be increased by human or natural causes, such as log jams, bridge openings restricted by debris, or changes in basin conditions.  Areas within designated drainage districts and those areas not covered by adequate topographic maps may contain unmapped watercourses subject to flooding.  The identification of designated flood hazard areas does not imply that lands outside of such areas will be free from flooding or flood damage.

The City of Portland or any officer or employee thereof, or the Federal Insurance Administration shall not be liable for any flood damages that result from reliance on the provisions or designations of this Chapter or any administrative decision lawfully made thereunder.