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24.10.050 Organization.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176955 and 188647, effective November 17, 2017.)

A.  Bureau of Development Services.  The Bureau of Development Services shall be under the jurisdiction of the Director designated by the appointing authority.

B.  Director to enforce Title.  General.  The Director is hereby authorized and directed to enforce all provisions of this Title.  For such purpose the Director shall have the powers of a law enforcement officer.

C.  Deputies.  The Director may appoint officers, inspectors, and assistants and other employees.  The Director may also deputize employees as may be necessary to carry out the duties of the Bureau of Development Services.

D.  Right of Entry.  Whenever an inspection is necessary to enforce any of the provisions of this Title, or whenever the Director or the Director’s duly authorized representative has reasonable cause to believe that there exists in any building or upon any premises any condition which makes such building or premises substandard as defined within this Title, or upon presentation of a lawfully issued warrant, the Director may enter such building or premises at all reasonable times to inspect or to perform any imposed duty and shall have recourse to every remedy provided by law to secure entry.

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