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22.03.115 Petitions For Reconsideration, Rehearing.

A.  A party may file a petition for reconsideration or rehearing on a final order with the Code Hearings Officer within 30 days after the order is mailed.

B.  The petition shall set forth the specific ground or grounds for requesting the reconsideration or rehearing.  The petition may be supported by written argument.

C.  The Code Hearings Officer may grant a request for reconsideration if good and sufficient reason therefor appears.  If the petition is granted, an amended order shall be issued.

D.  The Code Hearing Officer may grant a rehearing petition if good and sufficient reason therefor appears.  The rehearing may be limited by the Code Hearings Officer to specific matters.  If a rehearing is held, an amended order may be issued.

E.  The Code Hearings Officer, at any time, and upon a showing of due diligence, may set aside, modify, vacate, or stay any final order, or re‑open any proceeding for additional hearing when necessary to prevent a clear and manifest injustice to a party or other person adversely affected by such order.

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