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22.03.060 Depositions or Subpoena of Material Witness; Discovery.

A.  On petition of any party, the Code Hearings Officer may order that the testimony of any material witness be taken by deposition in the manner prescribed by law for depositions in civil actions.  Depositions may also be taken via audio or audio‑visual recordings.  The petition shall set forth the name and address of the witness whose testimony is desired, a showing of the materiality of the witness’ testimony, and a request for an order that the testimony of such witness be taken before an officer named in the petition for that purpose.  If the witness resides in this State and is unwilling to appear, the Code Hearings Officer may issue a subpoena as provided to require his appearance before such officer.

B.  The Code Hearings Officer may, by rule, prescribe other methods of discovery which may be used in proceedings before the Hearings Officer.

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