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22.03.030 Notice of Hearing.

A.  The City shall give notice of the hearing, together with a copy of the complaint, to the respondent(s) and all other parties not less than five calendar days prior to the date set for hearing except that the Code Hearings Officer may set a shorter period when it appears that the alleged violation poses an immediate and serious hazard to the public health, safety, or welfare or the life, health, safety, welfare, or property of any person.

B.  The notice of hearing shall specify the time, date, and place set for the hearing.

C.  Notice may be given by any method or combination of methods which, under the circumstances, is reasonably likely to apprise the parties of the hearing.  Notice may be given by:

1.  Personally delivering the notice to the party(ies), or

2.  Mailing the notice by United States mail, postage prepaid, and addressed to the residence or business address of the party(ies), or

3.  Any method authorized by the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure for the service of summons, or

4.  Any other method authorized by the hearings officer, by rule or otherwise.  If notice is given by mail, such notice shall be deemed given and received three days (Sundays and holidays not included) after the notice is deposited in the United States mail.

D.  Notice of the hearing and a copy of the complaint shall also be given to:

1.  The tenants, residents, and lessees of any building, property, or structure if the City has requested in the complaint the vacation, closure, or demolition of the building, property, or structure or if the Code Hearings Officer determines that such vacation, closure, or demolition is a reasonably possible outcome of the proceeding.

2.  Any other person who reasonably appears to have an interest in the property involved or who reasonably appears may be adversely affected by any determination, decision, or order of the Code Hearings Officer.

3.  Any person who has requested such notification.  The Code Hearings Officer may provide by rule, as provided by Section 22.03.010, for the manner and means of giving notice to such persons in a manner reasonably calculated to provide such persons with actual notice of the proceedings.

E.  The failure of any person to receive actual notice of the proceeding shall not invalidate the hearing or any determination, decision, or order of the Code Hearings Officer.

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