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22.03.020 Initiation of Proceeding.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 174444, effectiveMay 18, 2000.)

A.  A proceeding before the Code Hearings Officer may be initiated only as specifically authorized elsewhere in the Code.

B.  Except as provided in Sections 22.10.030 and 22.20.010 of this Title, a proceeding before the Code Hearings Officer shall be initiated only by the City filing a complaint with the Office of the Code Hearings Officer on forms provided by that Office.  The complaint shall contain:

1.  The name(s) of the respondent(s).

2.  The address or location at which the violation is alleged to have occurred.

3.  A short and plain statement of the alleged violations, including a reference to the particular statutes, rules, or regulations involved.

4.  The nature of the relief sought by the City.

5.  The City bureau(s) initiating the proceeding and the name, title, and signature of the person initiating the proceeding on behalf of the City.

6.  Such other information as the Hearings Officer may require.

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