21.36.010 Designation of Bull Run Watershed Closure Area.

City Code Section
  1. Pursuant to authority granted by ORS 448.295 to ORS 448.325 and the Portland City Charter, there is hereby designated a Bull Run Watershed Closure Area (Closure Area) within which the limitations and restrictions of this Chapter 21.36 of the Portland City Code will apply.
  2. The Closure Area consists of all land, regardless of ownership, shown on the map of record dated October 2014 titled: “Portland City Code Chapter 21.36, Bull Run Watershed Closure Area” and attached to Ordinance No. 186839 as Exhibit B.  The map has been created, will be maintained, and will be made available for public review by the Portland Water Bureau.
  3. The City of Portland owns portions of the land within the Closure Area. City Code that affects City land within the Closure Area must conform with federal and state law, federal and state administrative policy and tribal treaty rights, if any.
  4. In this Chapter:
  5. A.  Sections 21.36.020 through 21.36.040 apply to all land within the Closure Area (unless otherwise noted).
  6. B.  Section 21.36.050 applies only to City land within the Closure Area.