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21.35.050 Storage, Handling, Use and Transportation of Hazardous Materials - Certificates of Inspection.

City Code Section

A.  A Certificate of Inspection is valid until a subsequent inspection or review, or until it is revoked.

B.  The valid Certificate of Inspection must always be kept on the premises and be available for review by Portland Water Bureau personnel or other authorized City personnel.

C.  A Certificate of Inspection contains the following information:

1.  The address of the occupancy or facility, including exterior space utilized for storage, handling, use or transportation of hazardous materials;

2.  The name and address of the person or business occupying the facility; and

3.  A statement that the described occupancy complies with the applicable regulations and policies.

D.  The issuance of a Certificate of Inspection does not suspend the applicability of any water regulations.

E.  The Certificate of Inspection is issued to the business property owner/operator for the existing use at the location specified in the Certificate. It is not transferable.

F.  If interagency agreements are made to enforce standards, and if circumstances make it practical, the Certificates of Inspection issued under this Chapter may combined with any certificates of inspection or equivalent issued by the City bureau enforcing this Chapter.

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