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21.35.030 Storage, Handling, Use and Transportation of Hazardous Materials - Standards.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 180917, effective May 26, 2007.)

A.  Initial standards for the storage, handling, use and transportation of hazardous materials are contained in the Well Field Wellhead Protection Program Reference Manual, adopted as administrative rules concurrently with this Code.  The Bureau of Water Works shall have the authority hereafter to promulgate rules to set or amend standards, including the standards found within the Reference Manual, for the storage, handling, use and transportation of hazardous materials that may be used within the wellhead protection area.  The Bureau's authority to set standards shall extend to designation of materials as hazardous to groundwater quality, to storage, handling use, transportation, and containment of such materials both inside and outside structures, including equipment or devices for preventing and controlling spills or releases of such materials beyond containment vessels.  Rules adopted under this Section of the water code shall be compiled in the Reference Manual.

B.  Upon the effective date of this Chapter, existing businesses and individuals not in compliance with the standards set pursuant to this Chapter of the Code, shall bring their operations into compliance with applicable standards in accordance with the schedule established in the Reference Manual.

C.  Within 15 months of the program effective date, the Water Bureau shall collect information on the number of existing, non-conforming businesses that will be required to upgrade operations to comply with the requirements of Subsection 21.35.030 B.  Data gathered by the Water Bureau shall include information on the specific scope and extent of improvements required pursuant to Subsection 21.35.030 B. and shall be collected during routine inspections performed by Portland Fire & Rescue.

D.  The Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services shall evaluate collected information, in consultation with affected business and property owners, and business organizations to determine if improvements required by Subsection 21.35.030 B. are protective of water quality within the Wellhead Protection Area and Columbia Slough watershed.  The Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services will report to Council the results of this evaluation before January 1, 2005.


1.  Site plans or permits for projects to bring existing non-complying operations into compliance with the standards of this Chapter and the Reference Manual shall not be subject to additional review by Bureau of Environmental Services to address source control issues of the City Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM).

2.  The exemption from Bureau of Environmental Services review in Subsection 21.35.030 E.1., shall not apply where a business or property owner cannot manage increased stormwater resulting from modifications required to comply with the wellhead protection requirements entirely on-site.  If such drainage cannot be managed on-site and will drain to a City sewer, a City sewer easement, or a City right-of-way, the permit shall have a BES source control review to assess impact to the Columbia Slough which may result in additional source protection measures beyond the Reference Manual Best Management Practices to address the increases in stormwater drainage.  The requirements of Subsection 21.35.030 E.2. shall remain in effect until January 1, 2005.

Nothing in this provision shall exempt any site plan or permit from stormwater management requirements contained in sections of the Stormwater Management Manual that are not related to source control (source control requirements are currently contained in Chapter 4) or from future source control review criteria that may become required by state or federal law beyond the scope of requirements in the 2002 SWMM.

Nothing in this provision shall exempt any person from the requirements of City Code Chapter 17.34 related to industrial wastewater discharges to the City's sewer system or from the requirements of the NPDES permit program.

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