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21.35.020 Storage, Handling, Use and Transportation of Hazard Materials - Reporting.

A. The Bureau of Water Works shall have the authority to designate materials as hazardous and to require all persons or businesses possessing or using hazardous materials within the wellhead protection area to make annual reports to the Bureau concerning the types and quantity of hazardous materials stored, handled, used or transported, the storage and containment provisions for hazardous materials, and related information, including but not limited to a site plan indicating the location of hazardous materials manufactured, generated, stored or used, information indicating the location of drains, capacities of containment systems, drainage utility shut-off, and topographical information. If the Bureau of Water Works establishes reporting requirements, persons or businesses shall submit required information to the Bureau of Water Works in accordance with the schedule established in the Reference Manual. If another bureau is designated to receive reports on behalf of the Bureau of Water Works, and if it is deemed practical by both bureaus, reporting requirements and reports may be combined.

B. Failure to submit a complete report within the timeframe established in the Reference Manual constitutes a violating and shall be subject to enforcement pursuant to Section 21.35.050 of this Chapter.

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