Chapter 21.32 Water Curtailment Policy

City Code Chapter

21.32.010 Water Curtailment Policy.

  1. A.  The Administrator may require that all water users curtail water.
  2. In consultation with the Mayor and Commissioner-in-Charge, the Administrator may require curtailment when:
    1. 1.  The City has a water shortage or an imminent water shortage; or,
    2. 2.  An emergency threatens the water supply.
  3. B.  Before requiring curtailment, and to determine how much the community must reduce water use, the Administrator must consider:
    1. 1.  Public health and safety;
    2. 2.  Equity;
    3. 3.  Community economic conditions;
    4. 4.  Water system financial and operational needs; and,
    5. 5.  Contract obligations to wholesale providers.
  4. C.  To establish the curtailment program, the Administrator may adopt, amend or rescind rules, procedures and forms, consistent with this Section. The Administrator may issue fines or other penalties to enforce curtailment rules, per Section 21.24.090.
  5. Refer to Section 21.24.080.