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21.28.010 Individual Water Services Outside City.

A.   The Portland Water Bureau may furnish water to properties outside the Portland city limits, charging rates fixed by the Council in the annual water rate ordinance.

B.   Subject to the provisions of Section 21.12.010 "Service to Property Adjacent to Water Main," Section 21.12.270 "Ownership of Meters," and Section 21.12.320 "Contamination of the City Water Supply and Requirements for Backflow Protection," the property owner must purchase a water service and meter of approved size and design, which shall be located where required by the City, and an approved backflow prevention assembly may be required.

C.   Each individual applicant for a water service connection outside of the City shall make application to the Water Bureau upon a form containing the following agreement:
"Application is hereby made by the owner of the property address .................... for a water service connection outside the City of Portland, Oregon.
If this service is allowed it will be a special contract service. The ratepayer at the premises described above shall pay the rate listed in the annual water rate ordinance for service outside the Portland city limits.
The quantity of water supplied by this service may be reduced or the service entirely discontinued at any time for any reason by order of the Administrator, including circumstances under which water apportionment is ordered per City Code Section 21.32.010. Except when limitations are imposed under City Code Chapter 21.32 or in case of emergency, the Administrator shall give at least 60 days' notice in writing before service is discontinued. That notice is to be delivered at the premises or at the last known address of the owner."

D.   The Bureau may suspend temporarily the delivery of water for the purpose of making repairs or improvements to its system.

E.   During any emergency, the Bureau may, consistent with and subject to existing contractual obligations, apportion the available water supply in that manner which appears most equitable under the circumstances then prevailing and with due consideration for public health and safety.

F.   Ratepayers located outside City boundaries are subject to all applicable provisions of City Code Title 21 and the Portland Policy Documents. The Administrator may make their service subject to any other reasonable conditions the Administrator deems appropriate or proper.

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