21.24.090 Enforcement.

City Code Section
  1. Any person who does not follow the rules in Title 21 is subject to City of Portland enforcement.
  2. A.  Violations.
    1. 1.  A violation occurs when a person does not comply with a requirement or prohibition of Title 21 (or rules adopted as described in Section 21.24.080).
    2. 2.  Each violation is separate. The Portland Water Bureau may issue one enforcement action per violation per day.
  3. B.  Enforcement. In enforcing any of the requirements or prohibitions of Title 21 of Portland City Code or rules adopted under Section 21.24.080, the Administrator may:
    1. 1.  Issue warning notices.
    2. 2.  Issue notices of violation and orders to comply.
    3. 3.  Institute an action before the Code Hearings Officer.
    4. 4.  Impose civil penalties, in an amount not to exceed $500 per day or as specified elsewhere in Title 21 or the Annual Rates Ordinance. Penalties are imposed for each day a violation continues to exist against any individual or business that does not comply with the provisions of this Title.
    5. 5.  Order the installation of facilities required by this Title as a condition of providing water service.
    6. 6.  Terminate water service.
  4. C.  A property owner or tenant may appeal the Administrator's action within 30 days of the date the notice of enforcement is mailed, in accordance with procedures and timelines set out in Title 22 of Portland City Code. Such an appeal must include a copy of the action that is the subject of the appeal, must state the basis for the appeal and must be filed with the Code Hearings Officer and the Portland Water Bureau.
  5. Exception: If enforcement is related to inadequate backflow protection, the Portland Water Bureau may not issue a waiver or variance. Refer to Oregon Administrative Rule 333, City Code Title 22 and Chapter 21.12