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21.24.020 Fire Hydrants.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Who may use fire hydrants.  Employees of the Portland Water Bureau and Portland Fire & Rescue can use fire hydrants for their work.  Other persons must apply for a permit to use a fire hydrant.
  2. It is unlawful to operate, change, remove, disconnect, connect to or interfere with a City fire hydrant without Portland Water Bureau permission. The Annual Rates Ordinance includes penalties for unauthorized fire hydrant use.
  3. B.  The Portland Water Bureau issues temporary and annual fire hydrant permits. A temporary permit lasts up to 90 days; an annual permit lasts up to one year. When a person applies for a permit, the person must bring a Chapman-type (slow-closing) gate valve.  The Portland Water Bureau must tag the valve with a permit listing the person’s name, the permit expiration date and the locations of fire hydrants the person is allowed to use.
  4. C.  Charges for permits and use are in the Annual Rates Ordinance.
  5. D.  The person who obtained the permit is responsible for following all City, state and federal rules, regulations and guidelines for using and disposing of water.
  6. The Portland Water Bureau requires backflow protection for all fire hydrant use. The Chief Engineer must determine the type of backflow protection necessary.
  7. For more about temporary permits refer to Section 21.12.090.
  8. E.  Fire hydrant Responsibility.
    1. 1.  On public property in the City of Portland:  The Portland Water Bureau installs and maintains fire hydrants (this could be in a right-of-way or an easement).
    2. 2.  Outside city limits:  If a person wants to connect a fire hydrant to Portland’s water system outside city limits, they must pay for installation. The Portland Water Bureau will connect the hydrant to the water system, own and maintain it.
    3. 3.  On private property:  The property owner installs and maintains any private fire hydrant and fire protection systems.  The property owner must meet Portland Fire & Rescue and plumbing code requirements.