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Chapter 21.20 Turning On Or Shutting Off

City Code Chapter

21.20.020 Requesting Temporary Shutoff.

  1. A property owner or tenant may request a temporary stop in water service by calling or emailing the Portland Water Bureau Customer Service.
  2. A property owner or tenant may request a temporary stop in fire service by sending the Portland Water Bureau a written request.  Fire service shutoff must be approved by Portland Fire & Rescue.
  3. Base charges continue to accrue during temporary shutoffs.

21.20.030 Unlawful To Turn On Water Without Authority

  1. It is unlawful to use (or allow someone to use) water service that the Portland Water Bureau has shut off or not yet activated.
  2. If water is turned on without Portland Water Bureau approval, the Portland Water Bureau may shut the water off and enforcement actions may be taken against the violators.
  3. If the Portland Water Bureau shuts off service (by removing the meter or shutting water off at the main), the property owner, tenant or person responsible for payment must pay to restore the service. The Annual Rates Ordinance shows fees for restoring service.
  4. The Portland Water Bureau will not turn water back on until the charges have been paid.

21.20.040 Charges for Service Pipes Connected Without Portland Water Bureau Approval.

  1. If a service pipe is connected without a permit, the Portland Water Bureau may charge for service and the Administrator may order the service to be shut off. The water must not be turned on again until all charges have been paid. Where a service is required to be equipped with backflow protection, the service must not be activated until adequate backflow protection has been installed, tested and inspected by the Portland Water Bureau. This is true even if rates and charges for the service have been paid.

21.20.050 Authority To Shut Off Service.

  1. The Portland Water Bureau may shut off service:
  2. A.  To fix or maintain the water system or necessary to protect the water system;
  3. B.  If charges are unpaid;
  4. C.  Service was turned on unlawfully; or,
  5. D. If the property is not compliant with backflow prevention requirements.
  6. The Portland Water Bureau is not responsible for property damage caused by a shutoff. Damage may include bursting boilers, breaking pipes or fixtures or problems arising from interruption of the water supply.