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21.16.190 Charges for Water Used through a Fire Protection Service.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 182053, effective August 15, 2008.) No charge shall be made for water used to extinguish a fire. Except as otherwise noted in this section, a property owner may use water from the City to test the fire protection system. Water used to pressure test a fire protection system will be registered on detector check metered firelines, or estimated on unmetered firelines. Flow testing a fire protection system requires that the Bureau install a metering device on the service to register the water used.
Water used for testing a service for fire protection shall be charged at the commodity rates prescribed in the Water Rate Ordinance, as annually adopted by the City Council. Sewer charges will normally not be assessed for water used to test a fire protection system. Testing that results in a volume of water that is determined to have a measurable impact on the sewer system may subject that service to a sewer charge.
Testing of a fire service may not be conducted in a manner that will degrade the public water system. Flow testing through a fire service shall not reduce the pressure in the main less than 50% of maximum static pressure and shall in no case reduce the pressure below 30 lbs per sq. in. In this regard, prior to testing large flows, the individual conducting the test shall consult with the Bureau to determine limits of flow and to develop methods that may mitigate any detrimental effects on the public water system. Repeated testing of a fire service that violates a Bureau-approved testing program or affects the average daily water system conditions by more than allowable will result in a reclassification of the type of service and the collection of a System Development Charge.

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