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21.16.120 Collections, Adjustments and Refunds.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 179978, 182053 and 189256, effective December 21, 2018.)  Water user charges will be computed monthly, bimonthly or quarterly and billed by the Portland Water Bureau.

All payments for water user charges shall be made to, and adjustments and refunds made by, the Portland Water Bureau.  The Bureau shall ensure that charges and credits are posted to ratepayer accounts.

A.  The Portland Water Bureau may make adjustments, pay refunds or waive fees and charges where it is deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the business of the Bureau.  Adjustments shall be in the form of credits or additional charges to an active account.  When the adjustment is a credit to a ratepayer who has no active account, a refund shall be issued if the ratepayer can be located.

When a billing error occurs, the Bureau may authorize an adjustment of the water service account to correct the error.  Adjustments may not exceed a period of three years from the date the Bureau received notice of the error.  Eligibility for an adjustment on an account shall end six months after the date a final bill was issued for that account.

If a current ratepayer was not billed because the Bureau was not notified of the ratepayer’s responsibility for payment, the Bureau shall issue the bill from the date the ratepayer became responsible for the bill as described in Section 21.16.030 Billing Responsibility.

B.  Water system ratepayers who receive a back billing or a delayed billing will be offered the opportunity to pay the balance due over a period of time based on current City collection policies.

C.  The Portland Water Bureau may establish administrative rules with the Bureau of Environmental Services governing the adjustment, refund or waiver of user charges including but not limited to sanitary sewer and stormwater management services.

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