21.12.290 Meter Area and Access To Be Clear.

City Code Section

Portland Water Bureau personnel must have access to read and maintain water meters 24 hours a day.

A.  It is unlawful for anyone to do the following:

1.  Block meter access;

2.  Store or maintain any goods, merchandise, material or refuse, landscaping or install equipment over, under or within 5 feet of any water meter, gate valve, or other appliance in use on any water meter connection of the Portland Water Bureau; and/or,

3.  Park a motor vehicle over, upon or in such a manner as to prevent access to any water meter, gate valve or other appliance in use on any water meter connection owned by the Portland Water Bureau regardless of whether such Water Bureau property is located on public or private property.

B.  Whenever it is necessary for the Portland Water Bureau to enter a building to read the meter or work on the connections, the property owner is responsible for the following:

1.  A safe passageway maintained by all occupants of the premises;

2.  Maintain the premises free and clear of obstructions from the entrance of the premises to the meter; and,

3.  The meter being accessible, not blocked by shrubs or landscaping or equipment.

C.  The Portland Water Bureau may trim or remove any obstructions, and the property owner or tenants and the premises may be charged as prescribed in Portland City Code Title 5, Revenue and Finance.