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21.12.220 Service - Fire.

City Code Section

Water through a fire service may be used only for fire protection and suppression, and requires periodic system testing at the premises being served. It is unlawful to use a fire protection service for domestic supply, maintenance, irrigation or any other purpose.

A fire service 2 inches or larger that supplies only a fire system must be equipped with a detector metering device that is part of the backflow prevention assembly. This assembly must be installed and maintained by the property owner. A service that supplies water for multiple needs, such as for domestic use and for fire suppression, must be fully metered and must comply with the requirements of Section 21.12.030.

Backflow protection that complies with Section 21.12.320 is required on all fire services.

To avoid unauthorized use of a fire system, the Portland Water Bureau requires the property owner to install an approved full-flow meter under the following conditions:

A.  The existing detector metering device registers use of water for purposes other than to extinguish a fire or to test the system or

B.  Connections have been added where only a detector-metered backflow assembly exists.

When full-flow metering is required because of unauthorized use, the Portland Water Bureau will charge the property owner for installing the meter and/or the meter vault and will assess a System Development Charge based on the size of the service. The Portland Water Bureau policy for additional charges for unauthorized use of water from a fire protection system is established in Section 21.16.200.