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21.12.170 Use of Private Water and City Water.

City Code Section

A property owner of premises desiring to use both the City water supply and a supply of water other than that furnished by the Portland Water Bureau, including City water that has been stored for alternate use, may obtain water service only upon complying with the following conditions:

A.  Prior to obtaining water service, an approved reduced pressure backflow assembly (RPBA) must be installed as outlined in the Portland Water Bureau’s “Backflow Assembly Installation Requirements” and Oregon Administrative Rules 333-061-0070, “Cross Connection Control Requirements.”  See Section 21.12.320 for additional requirements.

B.  If water from a supply other than that provided by the Portland Water Bureau is found without RPBA protection, the City water supply to the premises must be immediately shut off with or without notice. Service must not be reestablished until an approved RPBA has been installed at the service connection to the premises and has been inspected, tested and registered with the Portland Water Bureau.

On-site independent potable supply systems must comply with all rules and regulations determined by the Oregon Health Authority and must be assessed by the City for all standard System Development Charges for connection to City water service.

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