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21.12.160 Authority to Disconnect a Property Due to Potential Damage to Water System or Another Property’s Facility.

City Code Section

A.  The Portland Water Bureau may disconnect a property if it determines that the operation, location or configuration of the facilities or the meter used to provide service

1.  poses a hazard to the City system or City employees or to the system or facilities of other properties;

2.  causes pressure surges;

3.  creates other hazards that are detrimental to operating the City water system or the water system or facilities of another property; or,

4.  lacks required currently approved backflow protection.

B.  If the Portland Water Bureau determines that such operations present a significant hazard, the property may be disconnected without prior notice. The Portland Water Bureau will notify the property owner or appropriate person of the disconnection as soon as is reasonably possible and explain the necessity of the action taken. Before the water service is reconnected, the property owner must provide the Portland Water Bureau proof that changes have been made that may preclude a recurrence of the hazardous condition.

C.  Where a hazard exists, but potential damage is not judged to be imminent, the Portland Water Bureau will give the property owner prior notice of the intent to disconnect. The Portland Water Bureau will state the reason for the disconnection.