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21.12.100 Annual Fire Hydrant Permit.

The Water Bureau may, upon application, issue a permit for the use of fire hydrants as a source of water for commercial enterprises or governmental agencies that have continuous need of water at various locations throughout the City. Sufficient need must be shown to preclude obtaining water from a single permanent service. The permittee shall use water exclusively for the stated purpose of the permit and shall not allow others to utilize the permit to obtain water for any other purpose. Annual fire hydrant permits are renewed for the calendar year, beginning in January. The cost for an annual permit not issued in January shall be prorated. The cost for an annual permit is set in the annual water rate ordinance.

The permittee, and all employees who obtain water from fire hydrants, must continuously follow the rules and regulations governing the use of fire hydrants, as detailed in Section 21.24.020 "Fire Hydrants," as well as all city, state and federal rules, regulations, and guidelines governing the proper use and disposal of water. All water trucks used by the permittee must be inspected for proper backflow protection equipment every three (3) years by a Water Bureau Water Quality Inspector.

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