21.08.020 Main Extensions Inside City and Cost Sharing.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 190811, effective June 10, 2022.)

A.  The Portland Water Bureau is responsible for designing and building a water main in the right-of-way. The Portland Water Bureau is the only authorized entity that can connect to and operate the live public water system.

B.  The Portland Water Bureau may adopt rules about how it may share installation costs with applicants. Cost sharing may apply to new or improved water mains, main extensions, fire hydrants, services, and other water infrastructure.

At most, the Portland Water Bureau may pay 50 percent of the total project cost.

The Administrator will consider the following when developing cost sharing policies:

1.  Public and private benefit derived from proposed privately financed water system improvements;

2.  Rate impacts; and;

3.  Availability of Portland Water Bureau funds.

C.  Cost sharing in this Section does not apply to those projects:

1.  Managed by City and other government agencies;

2.  In newly paved streets under 5-year moratorium;

3.  In state or county roadways;

4.  In highways or freeways;

5.  That cross rail facilities, or are in streets affected by rail facilities; or,

6.  In cobblestone, Belgian block pavement, or non-City standard paving material.

7.  Subdivisions or Developer-built mains

Other exceptions may be determined by the Administrator.  Cost sharing for public water improvements or relocation of portions of the water system that are covered in other regulations and policies, are not addressed in this Section.

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Ordinance Number 190811

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