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Chapter 20.32 Pittock Mansion

City Code Chapter

20.32.010 Admission Charges for Viewing Interior of Mansion.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 144250, 147839, 152225, 157277, 157649, 158387 and 161281; effective October 1, 1988.) Fees for admission to Pittock Mansion during its regular viewing hours shall be reviewed by Pittock Mansion Advisory Commission, approved by the Superintendent of Parks and established by rule by the Commissioner In Charge of the Bureau of Parks according to Section 20.04.050.

20.32.030 Pittock Mansion Society.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 148542; effective October 4, 1979.) Members of the Pittock Mansion Society holding a continuing, annual, or individual membership shall have free admission to the Pittock Mansion. Free Admission to such memberships shall include the member and his family. For each continuing, annual, or individual membership, the Pittock Mansion Society shall pay to the City the following amounts:

A. Continuing and annual memberships $3

B. Individual memberships

1. Husband and wife - $2

2. Adult - $1

3. Student - $.50

Remittance to the City shall be made annually by the Society as memberships are old.

20.32.050 Fees for Commercial Photography.

(Added by Ordinance No. 135182; amended by Ordinance No. 147839, 151528 and 160657, April 14, 1988.)

A. All activity of commercial photographers shall be subject to supervision by the Pittock Mansion staff. The Director of the Pittock Mansion shall designate a staff member to supervise all interior photography. The Director may designate a staff member to supervise exterior photography where deemed necessary.

B. Fees for photographer location work done within Pittock Acres Park shall be proposed by the Director of Pittock Mansion and approved by the Superintendent of Parks or designated representative.

C. Special fees may be charged for commercial photographic work intended for national dissemination, including television productions and motion pictures, or which involves extraordinary circumstances. Such fees shall be negotiated with the Director of Pittock Mansion and approved by the Superintendent of Parks or designated representative.

D. Photographic use requiring major staff time, extraordinary circumstances or inordinate demand on the facilities may be referred to the Advisory Commission for their recommendation.

E. At the discretion of the Director of Pittock Mansion, fees may be waived for representatives or students of educational institutions, the news media, and projects of State, county or municipal governments.