Chapter 20.20 Municipal Golf Course Rates

City Code Chapter

20.20.010 Playing Rates.

(Replaced by Ordinance 173286, effective January 1, 1999.)

  1. Green fees shall be charged and collected for the privilege of playing golf at the Eastmoreland, Rose City, Progress Downs and the Greenback and Great Blue courses at Heron lakes. In addition, fees shall be charged and collected for the use of other golf facilities and equipment such as driving ranges and golf carts. The Director of Portland Parks and Recreation or his or her designee shall determine the appropriate rates related to the use of golf courses, their facilities, and equipment. Those rates and charges, as well as other necessary regulations, shall be listed in the "City of Portland Golf Operations Manual."

20.20.020 Collection and Use of Fees.

(Amended by Ordinance 139221, effective January 20, 1975.)

  1. It shall be the duty of the concessionaire contracted by the City to collect at the municipal golf courses and account for the fees herein provided. It will be the duty of City employees to collect and account for the fees where no such concessionaire contract is provided. All fees and charges received on account of the issuance of the tickets shall be devoted to administrative purposes of the City’s golfing facility with the understanding that participants in the games are subject to prescribed rules and regulations, that they assume their own risks, and that no obligation on the part of the City shall obtain other than what may apply to the City in its governmental capacity.

20.20.030 Holders of Life Certificates.

(Amended by Ordinances 139221 and 186275, effective November 1, 2013.) 

  1. Any person who has been employed by the Bureau of Parks in connection with the municipal golf courses for a period of 25 years or more, shall be granted a lifetime certificate entitling him/her to use without charge and at all times any golf facility operated by the City.  Such certificates shall be issued by the Bureau of Parks and shall not be transferable.  Employees hired after August 31, 2013 will not be granted this certificate. The holder of a life certificate, however obtained, possesses no playing rights superior or prior to any person playing on a single green fee or otherwise in accordance with the rules of golf courses.

20.20.040 Delegation of Authority.

(Added by Ordinance 141276, effective February 5, 1976.)

  1. The privilege of playing under any rate established herein may be suspended or terminated and cancelled immediately without refund by the Commissioner In Charge for any violation of course rules or regulations, or for any conduct which interferes with the proper administration of the golf course or its enjoyment by the public. The Commissioner In Charge is authorized to delegate his authority to the person in charge of each municipal golf course.