20.12.230 Pioneer Courthouse Square.

City Code Section

A.  In addition to the other provisions of this Chapter, the provisions of this Section apply in Pioneer Courthouse Square. “Pioneer Courthouse Square” means the city block bounded on the north by the south curb of Southwest Morrison Street, on the south by the north curb of Southwest Yamhill Street, on the east by the west curb of Southwest Sixth Avenue, and on the west by the east curb of SW Broadway.  It specifically includes the entire area of that block and all improvements thereon, including all pedestrian walkways and transportation shelters and facilities.

B.  No person shall climb, stand, sit or lie upon any of the water troughs, trellises, garbage containers or planters, nor climb, stand or lie upon any bench within Pioneer Courthouse Square.

C.  No person shall operate any radio or other amplified sound producing device, so as to be audible to another, within Pioneer Courthouse Square, except by permit.

D.  No person shall throw any ball, disc or other object, use roller skates or skateboards, ride any bicycle or other wheeled device other than a medical mobility device or a child stroller or baby carriage, or roll any shopping cart within Pioneer Courthouse Square. 

E.  No person shall violate any ordinance, rule or regulation duly promulgated by TriMet governing the use of its shelters or other facilities located within Pioneer Courthouse Square.

F.  The following areas of Pioneer Courthouse Square are designated exclusively for transit use: 

1.  The walkway areas under the overhead canopies adjacent to SW Yamhill Street, between the southernmost drip line of any overhead canopy and the south side of the base of the decorative wall; and

2.  The area within the drip lines of the structures commonly known as the mushroom sculptures adjacent to SW Morrison Street. 

No person shall remain in those areas except for the purpose of entering into, exiting from or waiting for a light rail train or trolley.

G.  No person shall smoke in any part of Pioneer Courthouse Square.

H.  No person shall possess any type of fireworks, whether or not such fireworks are otherwise allowed by law, in Pioneer Courthouse Square, except by permit.

I.   No person shall possess any graffiti instrument in Pioneer Courthouse Square with the intent that the instrument be used to tamper with, mar or deface property therein, or knowing that another person intends to so use it, or when a reasonable person would know that the instrument is likely to be so used.  For purposes of this Subsection, “graffiti” means the unauthorized spraying or marking of paint, chalk, dye or any other substance to any building, structure or surface.  For purposes of this Subsection, “graffiti instrument” means any can of paint or other marking substance under pressure, which can be used to spray surfaces with the paint or other marking substance, or any ink, chalk, dye or other instrument or article adapted or designed for spraying or marking surfaces.