20.12.210 Hours of Park Closure.

City Code Section

A.  No person shall be in a Park during hours of park closure.  Unless the Director designates otherwise for any Park, "hours of park closure" means any time between the hours of 12:01 a.m. and 5 a.m.

B.  This Section shall not apply to the following:

1.  Vehicular traffic crossing on a Park roadway;

2.  Pedestrians crossing the North or South Park Blocks, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Lownsdale Square, Chapman Square, Pettygrove Park, or Lovejoy Park.

3.  Persons playing golf at a municipal golf course when the golf course is open;

4.  Persons attending, participating in, going to or coming from an activity either programmed or scheduled by PortlandParks and Recreation or under a permit issued under Chapter 20.08;

5.  Persons in parked vehicles at scenic viewpoints along or adjacent to park roads, where designated parking areas are provided, at times when those roads are open to vehicular traffic;

6.  Pedestrians crossing a Park area between the two paved portions of one street or boulevard.