20.12.090 Disposing of Rubbish.

City Code Section

A.  No person shall place any garbage, or other rubbish, or refuse or debris, nor shall any person deposit or leave birdseed, breadcrumbs or other food particles or food waste, in or upon any Park.  Nothing in this Section shall prohibit any person from eating food in any Park, nor shall the prohibitions of this Section apply to the incidental loss of food particles that cannot reasonably be collected and properly disposed of.

B.  No person shall enter any Park with garbage, or other rubbish or refuse or debris that has originated from outside the Park, for the purpose of disposing of any of the rubbish, refuse, or debris in the Park.

C.  The prohibitions of this Section shall not apply to the disposal, in receptacles provided for that purpose, of garbage or refuse that results from the normal use of the Park for recreational or other lawful purposes.