20.08.010 Permits Required for Park Uses.

City Code Section
  1. It is unlawful for any person to conduct or participate in any activity in a Park, for which a permit is required, unless the Parks Reservation Center has issued a permit for the activity. A permit is required for any activity in a Park under any one or more of the following circumstances:
  2. A.  The activity is intended to involve, is reasonably likely to involve, or actually involves, as participants and/or spectators, at any one time, 150 or more persons;
  3. B. The activity includes the placement of any temporary or permanent structure, including but not limited to any table, bench, stage, fence, tent or other facility in a Park. No permit is required under this Subsection for the placement of any temporary facility in an area of a Park which the Director has designated for such use without a permit;
  4. C. The activity requires, or is reasonably likely to require, City services additional to those already provided to the public as a matter of course in the Park, including but not limited to: increased police or fire protection; the turning on or off of water; provision of utilities, such as gas, electricity or sewer; placing, removing, opening or closing bollards, gates or fences; or the special preparation of fields or other facilities;
  5. D. The person or persons engaged in the activity seek to exclude, or to have the right to exclude, any member of the public from the activity or from any Park or from any area of any Park;
  6. E. The activity is conducted in any building in any Park, except for personal use of public restrooms; or
  7. F. The activity includes using the Park or Park area in a manner inconsistent with uses designated by the Director for that Park or Park area, or includes conduct that otherwise is prohibited in a Park, including, but not limited to, conducting business, charging admission or otherwise receiving payment for goods or services related to the activity, or possessing, serving or consuming alcoholic beverages.