20.04.050 Public Notification - Recreational Fields.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 183750, effective June 4, 2010.) 

A.    Field permitting organizations (FPOs) are responsible for mailing a public notice to owners of residentially-zoned property within a radius of 400 feet of the site property lines, recognized neighborhood organizations within a radius of 1,000 feet of the site property lines, and existing organized sports user groups (permit holders) of the site for any of the following proposed improvements on schools, school sites or park sites that are adjacent to residential property and that do not require a (Title 33) conditional use:

1.  Adding one (1) new field for organized sports use where there is current or previous (last 10 years) approved organized sports use elsewhere at the school or park site.  The new field must be no more than 300 feet from the current or previous organized sports use.  The addition of two (2) or more fields requires a conditional use.  A new field more than 300 feet from the current or previous organized sports use requires a conditional use (see Title 33);

2.  Upgrading, improving, or converting an existing recreational field for organized sports use primarily by older youth (ages 13-17) or adults (for baseball, age 10 and older), where there is no such current or previous (last 10 years) use on the subject field;

3.  Bleachers or seating fixtures 210 lineal feet or smaller in size per field and less than 100 feet from an abutting residential property;

4.  Concession stands 1,500 square feet or smaller in size (temporary or permanent) and within 100 feet of a residential property; or

5.  Parking areas with 5 parking spaces or fewer AND within 15 feet of a residential property.

B.  The notice shall describe in detail the type of improvements or change in use proposed.  The notice shall include the type, size, location, and setbacks proposed for the field as well as the current (if any) and proposed sports user groups.  The public notice of proposed field improvement will provide contact information for the neighbors to call or send written questions, comments, or concerns within 21 calendar days.  If these written comments can be addressed to the neighbor’s satisfaction, no further action is necessary.  The FPO shall respond to these written comments in writing within 21 days.

C.    If the FPO’s written responses to the written concerns received after the public notice are not satisfactory, a public meeting can be scheduled if requested by a neighborhood association within 1,000 feet of the subject site.  The request must be made within 45 calendar days of the date of the last FPO written response to comments.   A Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) may be proposed by Portland Parks and Recreation, the school district, both organizations jointly, or other appropriate FPO if there are remaining concerns after the public meeting.  Neighborhood associations within 1,000 feet of the subject site may also request a GNA, in writing, within 10 calendar days of the date of the public meeting.  GNAs can be linked to sports field use permits and may address a variety of compatibility issues such as:

1.    Hours of use outside currently established park & school operating hours;

2.  Tournament play;

3.  Placement of fields, temporary portable restrooms, storage areas, etc.;

4.  Screening for privacy and safety (netting and/or landscaping);

5.  Noise concerns outside established noise ordinance regulations (portable music players, whistles, bullhorns, etc.);

6.  Litter, loitering, and other nuisances; and

7.  Parking usage.

D.   The field permitting organization may require sports groups and field improvement project proponents to assist with and help pay for the preparation and distribution of the required notice.