2.16.090 Adequate Funds.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 189881190598 and 191335, effective July 21, 2023.)

  1. A.  If either the Director or the Portland Elections Commission determines that the amount deposited in the Fund will be insufficient at any point during the election cycle, the Director will request the additional amount the Director or the Commission estimates will be necessary from the City Council, subject to the annual appropriation limit detailed in Section 2.16.020.
  2. B.  If the total amount available for distribution in the Fund is insufficient to meet the allocations required by this Chapter, the Commission must reduce City matching funds to a certified candidate by the same percentage of the total City matching funds or the total City matching funds cap. The Commission may determine to reduce the match rate or City matching funds cap in different amounts for different covered offices in order to minimize the impact of the reduction on participating candidates who are facing non-participating candidates.
  3. C.   If the match rate or the City matching funds cap is reduced, the Commission may increase the amount each donor may give each candidate each election cycle from $350 to up to $500.