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2.16.080 Use of Contributions.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189531, effective June 28, 2019.)

A.  A participating or certified candidate may only use the seed money, in-kind and allowable contributions and the public contribution matching for direct allowed campaign purposes related to the candidate’s campaign for nomination or election to the covered office for which they are eligible to be or have qualified as a candidate. Guidelines regarding direct allowed campaign expenditures may be established by administrative rule.

B.  Public contributions distributed to a participating candidate and qualifying, seed money and in-kind contributions may not be:

1.  Used to make any expenditures for personal use prohibited by ORS Chapter 260 and Oregon Administrative Rules;

2.  Contributed to, or for the purpose of supporting or opposing, any other candidate, political committee or measure;

3.  Used to make independent expenditures supporting or opposing any candidate, political committee or measure;

4.  Used in connection with the nomination or election of a participating candidate to any office or at any election other than the office or election for which the contributions were given;

5.  Used to pay any loans, debts, fines or penalties, except for penalties permitted or required by administrative rule to be paid from the publicly funded campaign account;

6.  Used to pay for consulting services to an individual, unless the individual is providing bona fide services to the candidate and is compensated at fair market value;

7.  Used for out of state travel;

8.  Certain vehicle-related expenses, including vehicle purchases, leases, rental, insurance, repairs or fuel.  Vehicle mileage reimbursement for campaign purposes is allowed, using the standard rate used by the City for mileage reimbursement;

9.  Attorney, accountant and other professional service fees in conjunction with appealing penalties or decertification;

10.  Used for salary or payment, other than reimbursable expenses, to a family member;

11.  Used for gifts, not including campaign brochures, buttons, signs or other printed campaign material;

12.  Used to make payments in cash; or

13.  Used in a manner inconsistent with administrative rules.

C.  Public contributions may not be used for penalties or election night and post-election parties; however, allowable contributions, seed money and in-kind contributions may be used for such events.

D.  Contributions to civic and non-profit organizations from a participating candidate’s publicly funded account are permitted only if the payment is for the purpose of attending a specific campaign event open to the public.

E.  A complaint alleging an impermissible receipt or use of funds by a participating candidate must be filed with the Director.

F.  A participating candidate must provide the Director with reasonable access to the financial records of the candidate's publicly funded campaign account, upon request.