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2.16.060 Director Determination.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 190243, effective January 15, 2021.)

A.  The Director must certify a participating candidate if the Director finds that the election for the covered office is a contested election, the candidate has met the requirements of Sections 2.16.040, .050 and .120, the candidate has received the required aggregate total dollars of allowable contributions from the required number of matching donors for the office and the candidate has submitted all information required by this Code or by administrative rule.

B.  Before certification, the participating candidate must submit at least the following information to the Director, along with other information as may be required by administrative rule:

1.  A declaration from the candidate agreeing to follow the regulations governing the use of public contribution matching, allowable contributions, seed money and in-kind contributions; and

2.  A campaign finance report that includes:

a.  A list of each allowable contribution received;

b.  A list of each seed money and in-kind contribution received;

c.  A list of each expenditure made by the candidate during the election cycle up to the time of filing; and

d.  Other documentation required by administrative rule.

C.  The Director must make a certification determination no later than 10 business days after receiving information from the participating candidate necessary to determine compliance with the requirements of Subsections 2.16.060 A. and B. and Sections 2.16.040, .050 and .120. However, if the covered office is not a contested election at the time the participating candidate applies for certification, the Director will hold the application in abeyance until either the covered office becomes a contested election, in which case the Director will make a certification decision within 10 business days, or the filing deadline for the covered office expires, in which case the Director shall deny certification. Certification decisions may be challenged as provided in Section 2.16.170.

D.  A candidate may submit only one application for certification for any election.

E.  If the Director certifies a candidate, the Director will authorize an initial disbursement of a public contribution to the candidate's publicly funded campaign account.

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