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2.16.030 Administrative Rules, Director’s Duties and Authority.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189336, effective January 2, 2019.)  Before any administrative rules proposed by the Director may go into effect, the Director must submit the rules to Council for consideration and approval.  The rules proposed by the Director must specify:

A.  How and when documentation for allowable contributions from contributors must be submitted to the Director;

B.  The documents that must be filed with the Director for certification;

C.  The allowable uses of money in a publicly funded campaign account; and

D.  Other policies necessary to implement this Chapter, including but not limited to:

1.  Contested elections involving special elections, recounts, vacancies, or withdrawals, including qualification, certification, and disbursement of Open and Accountable Elections Fund revenues and return of unspent revenues;

2.  Obtaining allowable contributions and matchable contributions;

3.  Certification as a certified candidate;

4.  Collection of revenues for the Open and Accountable Elections Fund;

5.  Distribution of Fund revenues to certified candidates;

6.  Investigation and enforcement procedures for misuse of public funds;

7.  Penalty matrix detailing penalties for potential violations of this Chapter;

8.  Return of Fund disbursements, penalties, and other monies to the Fund;

9.  Inspection of reports and documents for compliance with this Chapter; and

10.  Investigation of alleged violations of Chapter 2.16.

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