2.16.020 Small Donor Elections Fund Established.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 189336 and 190598, effective December 10, 2021.)

  1. The Small Donor Elections Fund is established, separate from the General Fund.  All monies described in Subsection 2.16.020 E. shall be paid and credited to the Fund.  Monies in the Fund shall be invested in the same manner as other City monies, and any interest earned shall be credited to the Fund.
  2. The Director shall keep a record of all monies deposited into the Fund and the activity or program against which any withdrawal is charged.
  3. If monies credited to the Fund are withdrawn, transferred, or otherwise used for purposes other than the program or activity for which the Fund is established, interest shall accrue on the amount withdrawn from the date of withdrawal and until the monies are restored.
  4. Monies in the Fund shall provide, and are continuously appropriated for, the financing of election campaigns of Certified Candidates for nomination or election to City Office, and the payment of administrative, enforcement, and other expenses of the Director in carrying out the Director's functions and duties under this Chapter. The Portland Elections Commission may approve the use of funds of no more than $10,000 per Election Cycle for increasing accessibility of debates and forums, provided that the funds are available and that the City Matching Funds are not reduced for any Certified Candidate.
  5. The following will be deposited in the Fund:
    1. All amounts appropriated to it by the City Council. The annual impact of the appropriation on the City general fund is limited to two-tenths of one percent of the general fund without raising any new taxes or fees;
    2. Any funds returned to the Fund;
    3. All interest earned on money in the Fund;
    4. Civil penalties and other monies collected under Sections 2.16.160 and .170; and
    5. Voluntary donations made directly to the Fund.