2.14.080 City Auditor’s Duties.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 188842, effective March 30, 2018.) 

  1. The City Auditor is authorized to adopt, amend and repeal administrative rules, policies, procedures and forms for the regulation and enforcement of this Chapter, including but not limited to prescribing forms for registration and reporting, determining the method for filing, conducting appropriate inquiry and audit of reports or statements for completeness and accuracy, establishing fees for late filing or non-filing, and imposing civil penalties for non-compliance.
  2. For information and records sought from City offices, employees or officials, the Auditor or any employee or agent of the Auditor employed for the purpose of auditing or investigating the City may obtain confidential and legally privileged information and records held by the City so long as privilege is not waived as to third parties. The Auditor shall not disclose confidential or legally privileged information and records and shall be subject to the same penalties as the legal custodian of records for any unlawful or unauthorized disclosure.