2.14.020 Definitions.

City Code Section
  1. As used in this Chapter unless the context requires otherwise:
  2. A.  “City elected official” means the Mayor, City Commissioners, or Auditor.
  3. B.  “Day” means a calendar day by 5 p.m. unless “business day” is specified.  If the computed date for action falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal City holiday, then the “day” shall be the next business day by 5 p.m.
  4. C.  “Political Consultant” means a person or entity that provides Political Consulting Services to a City elected official or successful candidate for elected office, or a successful candidate’s principal campaign committee, registered with the Oregon Secretary of State. The term “Political Consultant” does not include attorneys who provide only legal services, accountants who provide only accounting services, professional fundraisers, or pollsters who provide only polling services.  The term “Political Consultant” does not include a person who
    1. 1.  Does not engage in Political Consulting Services as a trade or profession, or
    2. 2.  Is a City employee.
  5. D.  “Political Consulting Services” include actions in campaign management and political strategy services, including but not limited to: advocacy and strategy; political polling; advising or assisting in voter contact strategies and services; advising in media strategy, buying and advertisement; providing candidate development, policy training, political image consulting, and designing, implementing and analyzing polls and surveys; performing issues research and opposition research; developing, assisting in strategic communication such as news releases, talking points and speech writing; and advising on negative information handling and political crisis management.  This Chapter does not regulate the content and viewpoint of the services provided to a City elected official.