2.12.110 Auditor’s Duties.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 187854 and 188842, effective March 30, 2018.) 

  1. In carrying out the provisions of this Chapter, the City Auditor:
  2. A.  Shall prescribe forms for registrations, statements and reports, and provide such forms to persons required to register and to file such statements and reports;
  3. B.  Shall accept registrations and reports in an electronic format;
  4. C.  Shall accept and file any information voluntarily supplied that exceeds the requirements of this Chapter;
  5. D.  Shall make registrations, statements and reports filed available for public inspection and copying during regular office hours, and make copies available.  The Auditor may charge fees to recover the cost of retrieval and copying;
  6. E.  May audit whether registrations and reports required by this Chapter have been completed properly and within the time frames specified in this Chapter;
  7. F.   May initiate investigations and accept and investigate complaints of alleged violations of this Chapter;
  8. G.   May make such inquiries and obtain such reasonable assistance and information, including records, from any office or person as the Auditor shall require for enforcement purposes, including requests to produce documentary or other evidence that is reasonably relevant to the matters under investigation;
    1. 1.  For information and records sought from City offices, employees or officials, the Auditor or any agent or employee of the Auditor employed for the purpose of auditing or investigating the City may obtain confidential and legally privileged information and records held by the City so long as privilege is not waived as to third parties. The Auditor shall not disclose confidential or legally privileged information and records and shall be subject to the same penalties as the legal custodian of records for any unlawful or unauthorized disclosure.
  9. H.  May recover all reasonable costs incurred in enforcement in this Chapter, including but not limited to attorney’s fees.
  10. I.  Is authorized to adopt administrative rules to carry out the duties and to administer the provisions of this Chapter.