2.12.040 Quarterly Reporting Requirements for Lobbying Entities.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 180205, 180620, 181204, 186176 and 187854, effective September 1, 2016.)

  1. A.  A lobbying entity registered with the City Auditor or required to register with the City Auditor shall file a report, if the lobbying entity has spent an estimated 8 hours or more or at least $1,000 during the preceding calendar quarter lobbying, with the City Auditor, by April 15, July 15, October 15, and January 15, showing:
    1. 1.  The specific subject or subjects of the official action of interest to the lobbying entity, including but not limited to the names of City officials a lobbying entity met with or contacted through direct mail, email or telephone regarding such subject or subjects, the name of the registered lobbyist representing the entity and the date of the contact
    2. 2.  A good faith estimate of total moneys, if the total exceeds $1,000, expended by the lobbying entity or any lobbyist employed by or otherwise authorized to lobby on behalf of the lobbying entity, for the purpose of lobbying City officials on behalf of the lobbying entity in the preceding calendar quarter reporting period for:
      1. a.  Food, refreshments, travel and entertainment;
      2. b.  Printing, postage and telephone;
      3. c.  Advertising, direct mail and email;
      4. d.  Miscellaneous and gifts;
      5. e.  Compensation paid to lobbyists; and
      6. f.  Reimbursements to lobbyists for their expenses.
    3. 3.  The name of any City official to whom or for whose benefit, on any one occasion, the lobbying entity made an expenditure in excess of $25 in the preceding calendar quarter for the purposes of lobbying, and the date, name of payee, purpose and amount of that expenditure.
  2. B.  Statements required by this section need not include amounts expended by the lobbying entity for personal living and travel expenses and office overhead, including salaries and wages paid for staff providing clerical assistance and others not engaged in lobbying activities and maintenance expenses. If the amount of any expenditure required to be included in a statement is not accurately known at the time the statement is required to be filed, an estimate of the expenditure shall be submitted in the statement and designated as an estimate. The exact amount expended for which a previous estimate was made shall be submitted in a subsequent report when the information is available.
  3. C.  A lobbying entity shall update any information submitted in Section 2.12.030 that has changed since registration.
  4. D.  A statement required by this section shall include a copy of any notice provided to a City official under ORS 244.100.
  5. E.  An authorized representative of the Lobbying Entity must sign the declaration required by Section 2.12.090 A. for each quarterly report.
  6. F.  Lobbying entities who expect to spend 8 hours or more lobbying City Officials in a calendar quarter, but do not anticipate spending over $1,000 in the same reporting period for the purpose of lobbying may sign and file a certificate of limited expenditure provided by the Auditor’s office in lieu of the financial portion of the quarterly report described in Section 2.10.040 A.2.  The certificate affirms that the lobbying entity will spend less than the threshold required for quarterly financial reporting of moneys expended under Section 2.12.040 A.2.  If a lobbying entity  that files a certificate of limited expenditure spends over $1,000 in a calendar quarter for the purpose of lobbying, the lobbying entity shall withdraw the certificate of limited expenditure and shall report moneys expended pursuant to Section 2.12.040 A.2.
  7. G.  A lobbying entity may amend a quarterly report without penalty if it files the amended report within 25 days after the end of the calendar quarter.