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2.04.125 Advisory Questions Referred by Council.

(Added by Ordinance No. 177200, effective February 21, 2003.)

A. Preparation of Ballot Title and Resolution; Effective Date.

1. Prior to final Council action on an advisory question to be referred to the electors, an elected City official shall submit a resolution and ballot title to the Council Clerk for placement on the Council agenda. The ballot title may be prepared by:

a. the City Attorney at the request of the Council or elected official;

b. the Council; or

c. an elected City official.

If the City Attorney is asked by the Council or an elected official to prepare the ballot title and resolution, the ballot title and resolution shall be transmitted to the Council or elected official within five business days of the request, unless a longer time period is specified by the Council or elected official.

2. The ballot title shall comply with the requirements of Section 2.04.060 B.

3. An advisory question shall be placed on the ballot if the Council enacts a resolution directing that a measure be placed on the ballot.

4. An advisory question shall be considered referred under this Section as of the date the Council adopts the resolution directing placement of the question on the ballot.

B. Publication. Upon referral of the measure as outlined in Section 2.04.125 A, the Auditor shall publish in the next available edition of a newspaper of general circulation in the City, a notice of receipt of ballot title, that an elector may file a petition for review of the ballot title, and the date by which the appeal must be filed.

C. Legal Challenge to Ballot Title. A ballot title adopted by Council may be challenged as provided by state law.

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