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2.04.110 Measures Proposed by the Charter Commission.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 184947, effective November 18, 2011.)

A.   Preparation of Ballot Title

1.   When a measure proposing a charter amendment is supported by an affirmative vote of at least 15 members of the Charter Commission after a public hearing process prescribed by the Council:

a.  The Commission shall notify the Auditor and submit to the Auditor the text of a proposed measure.

b.  Within seven business days after submission of the proposed measure to the Auditor, the Auditor shall file the measure as a report from the Charter Commission to the Council and place it on the Council agenda.

c.  Within two business days after the Charter Commission presents the measure to the Council at a Council meeting, the Auditor shall forward the measure to the City Attorney for preparation of a ballot title and explanatory statement in conformance with the requirements of state law. 

d.  Within five business days after receiving the measure from the Auditor, the City Attorney shall prepare and transmit to the Auditor the ballot title and explanatory statement.

e.  After receiving the ballot title, the Auditor shall publish in the next available edition of a newspaper of general circulation in the City, a notice of receipt of the ballot title, that an elector may file a petition for review of the ballot title, and the date by which the appeal must be filed.

f.  Following completion of the ballot title challenge process, the Auditor shall file the measure, ballot title and explanatory statement with county elections officers.

g.  A measure shall be considered referred under this Section as soon as the measure is certified to the ballot. The measure shall be placed on the next primary or general election ballot that is at least 120 days after the date the Charter Commission presents the measure to Council. As part of its affirmative vote supporting a measure, the Charter Commission may specify whether the measure shall be submitted to the voters at the primary election or at the general election.

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